Rain Rain, go away, it’s too wet!

As I sit in my office, the weather doesn’t look too bad. Well, I can’t see if it’s raining or not since there is a notable absence of decent light in this office. Back when I was in R&D, I sat directly opposite sprawling fields, gaudily decked with colour and flowers.

One could relax during the break even just by sitting in the office and looking out. But now…now I am on the shop-floor, with a view of the production area and a narrow-ish passageway at the back, where the pitifully small parking lane is.

But on my way here it was incredibly bad. Rain lashed my (now wonderfully clean) car, and the wind has not dropped below Force8. Needless to say, the night was really noisy.

Ah well…got to get on with work, looking forward to a day of study and sorting out a bit of stuff…

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