WHY are idiots comparing wages?

I have tried to shut my trap about this, but keeping this to myself would be untrue of me.

WHO THE FUCK compares the wages of a Nurse, Technician, Mechanic, Welder, to that of a footballer, race driver, musician?

It is TOTAL IDIOCY, and people posting these memes should be sterilized, spayed, whatever.

One cannot compare a necessity to entertainment. It makes no sense. Not only is the nurse paid by our wages (in taxes), but living without nurses is absolutely impossible.

Now before people start jumping on me, let me remind you that you are under no obligation to watch Ronaldo, or Messi, or Kevin De Bruyne.

YOU DO HAVE, HOWEVER, AN OBLIGATION TO PAY TAXES. So yeah, let’s put our valuable nurses on the same wage packet of CR7, LM10 or KDB… let’s calculate that for a bit… ok, your taxes will be 50% instead of 15%. Who would want that?

NOBODY, that’s who.

I TOO keep a company afloat with my IT Support, but I would not imagine going to ask for those wages.

AND football, sports, music, keeps whole communities alive. Who has suffered with this lockdown? It’s the Chippy near Roots Hall in Southend, the Spread Eagle inn, the Horns and Boar pub in the same area… the cleaners, groundsmen, the train companies, southend Airport, vast numbers of other fringe earners … and this is all for a small club. Now imagine for large clubs. And we are forgetting the social aspect of week to week workers who look to football for an escape in a busy schedule. To relax, to meet up with friends in a bar.

Yes, both are worth their money. Yes, entertainers earn more than they should, but comparing the two is simply idiotic.

Rulebreaker! Not Really!


Well, that got your attention. Not exactly a rulebreaker… As most of you know, I fall under the vulnerable list. So it is vital I keep my distance from everybody else. And by default, all those who live with me must have no contact with others.

Fibromyalgia, Ankylosing Spondilytis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, the unholy trinity of Autoimmunity diseases. Just the luck of the draw I guess. I’m just like Pacman running away from the ghosts with just one life left.

So yeah, I decided that after exactly four weeks of total isolation at home, I simply had to breathe in the fresh air. Come to think of it, not so fresh after all, with this outbreak of Covid19.

In the morning I had called my mum, and she was really low with a bad sciatica. Her age is catching up sadly, she must be… oh, I don’t know … 290 now?

It was an easy commute even in these troubled times. Just pop down to the Garage, hop in the car, called mum from the car and not for one moment did we leave our vehicle. It was good to see her again, even if it was only for a few minutes. We keep in touch twice daily, of course, but still.

Anyway, it was then that the madness took over. I simply had to head over to my workplace. You know, just looking at the building. Memories.

The next step was the drive down to B’Bugia, and the roads were very eerie at that time. Barely seven in the evening but so empty. We finally parked between B’Bugia and Marsaxlokk, just down from Torri San Lucjan. Nobody in sight.

For the next ninety minutes or so, my wife and I talked the little things that married couples talk about. Away from children, even if the children are adults.

And I feel that this has done a world of good to us. Just the two of us. Complete privacy. Of course we hide nothing from our kids, but sometimes, you JUST HAVE to be alone with your loved one.

If you can find the time, take the opportunity to find some privacy. We need to remember that for housewives accustomed to doing their own thing while we are at work, this is also a disruption in their daily routine. That HAS got to hurt.

There is no need to mention that this is even more important for families with smaller houses. The most important thing is that if you are going out, keep the windows rolled up, and the doors locked.

Live Long and Prosper.

Who could have imagined it?


It’s half past five on Easter Sunday morning. The mug containing the last inch of your first tea is cooling rapidly. You look at the empty street and wonder how the hell it got to this.

Let’s cast our minds and imagine the following situation.

It’s 2019, the 21st of December, Winter Solstice, and you are at a party thrown by a close friend of the family, just down the road. You and your mate are in the cinema-converted basement of said friend, polishing off the remains of an excellent fine wine, and of course listening to a battered vinyl copy of Rush’s opus. 2112. Required listening right? Hell yeah, its the 21st of December.

“You know Chris, there is talk of a new virus in China. One sweeping across its cities. Killing everyone in its wake.”

You look up, thinking, what the fuck is he talking about. Then it clicks.

“Yeah, I’ve seen that movie. It’s called 28 days later. Or something.”

The idea that perhaps both of you have imbibed a bit too much trickles into your alcohol fuddled brain. Good job you’re not driving.

“No you dumb fuck. It’s true. Seems they ate some bats or some strange animal and it has infected thousands.”

You nod in pretend agreement, even though the wine starts to catch up to the movement and sloshes aroud in your brain. Geddy Lee’s high pitched warble pierces your ears as ‘Temples of Syrinx’ swings into full tempo. This is the fucking life, you think. His words are harshing your mellow.

“James, you twat, gimme a break.”

“Ah you dumb fuck, you’re pissed, is all.” he replies.

You start wondering what the number for the nut house is…

Back to now, April2020, and as James walks his dog, you raise your arm in greeting.

“Hiya Chris. Remember what we talked about on 21/12?”

You can only nod in sad agreement. The third death has arrived, and the question you always dread in your mind is… will it be my turn next? Or my parents?

You watch James’ collie pull at her leash, leaving you, once more alone with your thoughts. Heading inside, you realize that as a vulnerable person, this is your fourth consecutive week without venturing out through the front door.

Ranking the Nightwish albums.

So once again, the new Nightwish album has leaked.

Since I am waiting (like an excited puppy) for the CDs to drop into my letter box, I had no problem in downloading the album and giving it a spin…or two … or a hundred.


Anyway, Human Nature is finally here. The two singles already released ‘Noise’ and ‘Harvest’ gave an impression that it would be another great offering.

On first listen my thoughts were honestly “Five years waiting for this? There is no standout track, no oomph… a feeling of emptiness and lost hope.”

It is however a very progressive album, and with all prog metal, many spinnings are required before the music starts to gel and make sense. And it is doing just that admirably.

(EDIT: Listening to the opera section in Shoemaker brings me out in tears every time. Impossibly, unbearably, beautiful.)

Ranking albums is very difficult since it is very subjective to taste, and also, of course, period. Listening to Angels Fall First and Oceanborn is a real chore. They come across as so dated. Usually bands have an opus opening, not so with Nightwish. Still great albums, but so distant in fare. Of course, Nightwish have evolved and that is a good thing. Each offering is distinctive and just like welcoming a new friend. There are NO bad albums here, rather, each offering difference and innovation.

I have tried listing them in a semblance of order, but realize now that they are just how I like to listen to them. Each album has been rated and the best racks listed.

If you want to listen to just ONE track from Nightwish for all eternity, it would be the incredibly beautiful orchestra-laden Ghost Love Score.

Here are the albums and what I think of them, as well as standout tracks.

Once 9.6 – Dark Chest of Wonders / Wish I had an Angel / Nemo / Ghost Love Score

Century Child 9.5 – End of all hope / Dead to the world / Everdream / Slaying the Dreamer

Imaginaerum 9.4 – Storytime / I want my tears back / Last ride of the day / Song of Myself

Endless Forms Most Beautiful 9.3 – Shudder before the beautiful / Elan / Alpenglow / The Greatest Show on Earth

Dark Passion Play 9.1 – The Poet and the Pendulum / Amaranth / For the heart I once had / Last of the wilds

Human Nature 8.5 – Music / Harvest / Shoemaker / Tribal

Wishmaster 8.4 – The Kinslayer / Come cover me / Wishmaster / Deep Silent Complete

OceanBorn 8.3 – Stargazers / Swanheart / Moondance / Walking in the air

Angels Fall First 7.5 – Elvenpath / Beauty and the Beast / Angels fall first / The Carpenter

Peace and Metal.\m/