Too many incidents…


Sadly, these last weeks have seen a spate of driving incidents which have left a number of victims on the road. Debating whether any could have been saved is a moot point.

Speaking as somebody who has also from time to time twisted the throttle wide open, or mashed that pedal to the metal, we must understand, that there is a road speed limit for a reason.

That limit, simply cannot be broken because anyone thinks it is okay to go ‘slightly over the limit’.
Everyone knows that in reality, if we must stand up and allow ourselves to be counted, it is not ‘slightly’ over the limit. The scream of bike engines early mornings on any given Sunday is impressively frightening.
We both know the power to weight ratio bikes generate, and the thrill of speed is unparalleled. But, this must be done in a safer environment than the road. So bikers say … we need a track. For tracks we need safety features, such as an on-site ambulance. Thus this will make it more expensive than simply going out for a ride. I am sure I am going to catch much flak from my statements, but eventually, as long as I am simply pointing out the truth, nobody should even consider complaining. Tracks have run-offs… Roads don’t.
One thing is sure. We simply cannot keep losing young people to a hobby or a sport … Although what I am going to say is not intended for those who lost their lives recently, we must all admit that yes, sometimes we have gone over the limit.
I personally watched three incredible accidents last year, while with my daughter…. all on the runway ring road… and I must say that the two deaths I saw were the fault of the riders who were on the other side of a single carriageway.
One of the riders was on a scooter which was absolutely flattened, and the other one slipped past a truck/bus only to find a car…
If anyone recalls, there was the other incident where the rider was nearly flattened by bricks which broke free from a truck. Pure bad luck.

It is too easy for us to blame the roads, the barriers or the government (whatever crowd is there)…. and while it may be true that those barriers are death traps. we must admit that the roads are not meant for speeding.

They are just for getting from A to B. Let’s buckle down and show more responsibility. A 60km/h limit is crippling bikers and drivers, but we have shorter roads and finally must abide by the law.

We all know that on bikes, our bodies are the chassis, as I, personally, know all too well.


Take absolute care, and keep safe.