26 Protected Birds shot down now!

The amount of protected birds shot down has now soared (pun not intended) to 26 in four weeks.

How the hell can this even be? And how can the government not intervene in this massacre?

It is so sad to see this state of affairs.

The last bird of prey shot down landed in St.Edwards playground during the break session. How does that not register with the Prime Minister’s thoughts that something should be done?

Absolutely disgusting.




In a few days, local metal band Forsaken will release their much awaited new album Penteteuch. The album takes its name from the first five books in the Bible.
I find it ironic to see that my journey out of christianity actually started with these first five books.
Let me explain. Some time back I was asked to help in programming the bible as a multimedia package in Maltese. Always eager to help, I accepted. An offer for renumeration was done, and I took on the job.
So I started reading… but after a few pages, the book left me even more confused than I could ever hope to be. Apart from Cain and Abel, the book also mentions another son, SETH, about whom nobody knows anything, and since Eve got quite broody, the phrase ‘had many more children’ jumped out to me.
Exactly how many more? Well, according to various sources, the number was 35.
So Cain was banished and had a mark put upon him, whence he protested against god that he would be sought out for revenge (but by whom???). God assured him that he would Avenge Sevenfold (another metal band!) anyone contemplating his murder.
According to genesis, also, Cain was the first person born (even though he supposedly married someone older… yeah, some tough shit), and naturally Abel, the first to die.
This vein continues, until I could no longer look at what we, as humans believe in. This was a vengeful god we were looking at. It was awful.
At that time, I had repeated contacts with the archbishop of malta, and I am not ashamed to say that I STILL wore metal tshirts to our meetings.
After these first few chapters, I could no longer accept any of the myriad stories which seemed to make no sense at all.
Those were the first seedings of doubt. I talked to the archbishop, who said that it was impossible to understand what was going through god’s mind.
I asked about evolution, and he brushed me away with… ‘surely you understand it is his way?’
Dinosaurs? Nope. Never existed.
It was then that I decided that this was not for me. There is so much in the bible which believers simply do not know. And once they know, would not listen to.
I finished the job (albeit without getting paid), but from then onwards, my fate was sealed. Thankfully, I have got rid of all my hangups about religions. I do not want to be part of any of it.
To each his own, and my respect goes to those who do believe… it is difficult not to be flippant.
I try, but when it all comes down to it, if I were given a chance to choose a time period to be removed from mankind’s history, it would be between Sunday 20 May & Saturday 19 June, AD 325. The council of Nicaea.
Never have so little done so much to instill hatred in the three main religions in history.
Christian fighting Jew fighting Muslim.
What a waste.
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