Nothing like the sweet smell of victory.

Well, we have done it! Stillborn has triumphed in the first RockBAZE organized by the ESCMalta togoether with ICommunications.

Words cannot describe my emotion. Simply speechless. I have to own up and confess that I shed tears of joy at this award. Admittedly we gave a brilliant performance, playing Angel once again, a song which has now settled nicely on our fretboards, and most importantly, showing promise also with a large number of listeners. Among the prizes won, there is studio for recording this lovely song. Finally our Guardian Angel will get the recognition he/she deserves.

Our stand-in drummer Roderick stuck to his timing immaculately, while Raphael and Mario swapped their trademark solos with high precision. The girls, as usual, left no stone unturned in their quest for a great performance. Jade was simply infallible…while Diane continued to amaze the audience with her powerful voice. That left my part…

I am going to admit that I played my heart out, resulting in a very satisfying performance.

Although a relatively small competition, it will be a memory to cherish forever, being on both major TV channels around five times in total this year means that Stillborn have become more popular. Good music, good response from the public…we are on to something.

I need a hero…

This is a most different blog than usual. Because it has nothing to do with me. Well it has actually. Three days of being in bed because of my bad back has caused me to be online nearly all of the time, looking through YouTube. And I found this gorgeous gem of a clip. 2 of the best players in the world.