A near perfect weekend pt.1

A near-perfect weekend. I

Things have conspired to make these last few days nearly perfect. Were it not for the fact that Juventus failed to win against relegation strugglers Siena after being 3-0 up, it would have been unrivalled, for this year at least.

Actually the weekend really started two days earlier than usual for us. Thursday was, naturally, my dear wife’s birthday. We celebrated in a bit of style, by taking the day off (including the kids!) and spending it up the northern side of the island.

Despite my grumblings about this country, I must say that these few months preceding summer are simply beautiful here in Malta. A cacophany of colour, unspoiled by the heat and the multitudes of tourists who flock our country come July.

Our first stop was at the Jardinland flower nursery, where we stocked up on plants and flowers. While the girls were busy emptying my credit card, I was engrossed taking unusual pictures of the profusion of plants on display.

I think we must have spent at least a couple of hours at that centre. So peaceful and tranquil. As I grow older I find that I crave quiet
places more and more.

Then it was off to Alloglio up the road at Ghajn Tuffieha for a slap-up meal that we really enjoyed. The food was relatively cheap, but I must say I was dismayed at the prices we were charged for drinks. You might say ‘Well…wines and spirits are quite costly’… but when you consider that our drinks consisted of four soft-drinks….

Thirteen Euros for 2 Pepsi, a Kinnie and a Fanta is not expensive. It’s daylight robbery. Right there and then I decided I would leave no tips for the waiters. I’m sorry, but when you charge me that much, I must draw the line somewhere. And the line invariably fell on the extras.

Anyway, after that we went down for a romp on the beach, and I must say that we really enjoyed ourselves. It was sunny, but cold, and of course, extremely windy.

We arrived home quite late, and naturally, were bone tired. But there was no time to rest since Rox had lessons at the Youth Centre, while Rachel had Maltese lessons at her private tutor’s house.

Friday went by in a whirlwind as the ‘bridge’ between Thursday and Saturday. I must point out that I was however in extreme pain. My back had been hurting since Wednesday evening, persisting all through the next day when I gritted my teeth, so as not spoil the day for Jack. I guess she must have noticed though…there’s not much she misses.

So Friday, after a relatively quiet day at work, it was straight to bed for a rest. I woke up feeling only lightly refreshed at around half-seven. I had to refrain from going to the pool on Friday, as the drive was too prohibitive for me to do. I don’t have to mention the fact that after waking up at that late hour, sleep was hard in coming by. So it was only at half-past one in the morning that I managed to drift away. Of course, all my friends know that by 5.30am I am always out of bed, whatever the day. This bugs me, and I long to have at least one day in which I can oversleep. I can’t imagine how my friends do it… managing to sleep up to ten or even noon on the weekends…..

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