Following many oohing and aahing, I have finally splashed out on a new Xbox360 Elite. Getting home and plugging it into my HD Tv, it is nothing short of excellent.Good build quality and brilliant games conspire to make this a favourite gadget.I have always been a Sony fan, so I thought I would progress to … Continue reading Xbox!


A passing away.

Unfortunately, my beloved grandmother passed away this morning just before 6am. Always jolly with a smile on her face, she will be so missed by all of us.More so by my mother, with whom she lived in Fgura.Goodby my dear, 'til we meet again...

H1N1 jab.

Like many people here, I elected to take the dreaded 'swine-flu' jab. I have heard many things about this, and to be honest, I was a bit apprehensive of taking it. But with my health problems. I thought I better not risk it. A quick poke and all was done. However I noticed an increase … Continue reading H1N1 jab.

End of days.

Unfortunately, despite being Friday, it doesn’t seem to be shaping up to be a good weekend. My grandmother, now 88, is nearing the end of a long battle to survive each day. We all know that nobody lives forever, and it breaks my heart to see such a wonderful woman leave us. She has now … Continue reading End of days.

It is the 6th of January today. A day that I remember with bitter-sweet memories. Our dearly departed Jade would have been 23 years old today. Struck down in her prime on the 12th November at just 21, she will never be forgotten by my family, and the thousands of admirers and friends she garnered.Give … Continue reading