Cor what an error…I was reasonably sure that the new Nightwish album would be out in May, but it seems that I was mistaken…It will actually be out on the 26th of September, just the perfect gift for me since my birthday is the day after! So long to wait…

A friend of mine has informed me that March will also see a new Judas Priest offering. Nothing on the website though. If it is true and the album is as good as ‘Angel of Retribution’, we are in for a treat!

Meanwhile, we at Stillborn are finally going out on the road…the last week of April should see us on stage with another local band. Clarifications and plans are still being hammered out. More news later on then!

What a year this is going to be.

What a year this is shaping up to be. Why is that then? Certainly everyone knows my passion for music. So I will just say the following in a hurry… Rush , Nightwish , Visions of Atlantis and of course Stillborn. What is it with these bands then? Oh come on…new albums of course. Rush are to release ‘Snakes and Arrows’, a much awaited release after the hugely successful ‘R30’ tour…hmm…now did I have fun or what? Fucking awesome shows in UK.

So now we come to Nightwish. After unceremoniously dumping lead singer Tarja Tuurunen following the Hartwell concert ‘End of an Era’, Tuomas and gang have been looking for a new singer. For me it will be Nicole Bogner from ‘Visions of Atlantis’…The VOA singer left the band right after Nightwish sacked Tarja (what a mistake that was!). This album will make ‘Once’ child’s play…Slated for a May release, I simply can’t wait.

Now we come to Visions of Atlantis. This is a relatively small band, but I tell you, they have an awesome album in Castaway. I suggest you get a good listen to this offering, as it is simply awesome. The official site has also a video of their incredible single ‘Lost’…fair gives me goosebumps. So yes, I am waiting for this album with gnashing teeth.

Last, but certainly not least, we come to ‘our’ Stillborn album…’Thy Feeble Soul’ is an incredibly deep album, with really good progressive riffs. This is without a doubt one of the best albums I have heard for a very long time. I haven’t been excited about a local release since ‘Fire’s’ debut album in August. If we only had decent backing abroad, we would really make a killing with this release. Slated for mid-March, you should get this if you are into progressive rock.

Keep Metal \m/

Stillborn are back!

Well for the last 6 months I have been living a different dream. After some silence, I thought it best to own up. I was invited to provide bass playing for fun with a friend and friend of his. Well it turned out that these two guys were part of a band called Stillborn, of which I am a fan. Things started very well. What we didn’t know was whether this was a side-project to the band,but then we had the singer back, followed by the drummer! Well , I invited Jade, an incredibly talented keyboard player, and suddenly Stillborn are re-born!

Next thing we know we are practicing the long lost Stillborn album! It has been a brilliant 6 months, and we need to cap it up with a good show to promote and launch the album.

It has brilliant guitar work and incredibly deep vocals. I am amazed still today at the depth of song-writing and execution! And now we are working on new songs…The new stuff is lighter, not so dark and brooding, but fantastic material just the same.

Watch this space for further info!

Meanwhile you can watch us on

Thanks for watching…the rollercoaster continues on its journey!