This is, without a doubt, the most honest and shocking biography I have ever read. At times it was so hilarious that I woke my wife while she was asleep.

At other times you see the sadness and the pain that drugs and alcohol can cause, and tears will surely flood your eyes. The hurt that children suffer as their father comes across as an idiot or alcoholic.

A simple straight-forward story of a wannabe singer who started out with nothing except a grim determination to succeed and finished up with more than he could ever imagine. The lifestyle and excesses of Ozzy might not be to everyone’s taste, but it is important to know his side of the story. His bingeing is legendary, as is his love for his wife Sharon, and the never-ending sadness for the loss of Randy Rhoads.. And of course his love for music, which gave so many dreams (and nightmares) to all those who saw meaning in his lyrics.

And naturally, genuine regret for his actions…

This is a book that should be made compulsory reading. Best autobiography I ever read…and I’ve got a lot of those under my belt.

The heat is on!

A heat-wave is rendering life on the islands nigh on unbearable. With the mercury rising and rising towards its higher limits, one can hardly breathe, let alone manage the usual plethora of jobs.

And me? All I need is the A/C at work, the A/C in my car… and of course the A/C at home. We’ll see about paying the bills later!

Rush : Beyond the lighted stage.

It’s a quarter past eight. My chest is heaving with the emotion of the past two hours, having seen the definitive RUSH documentary by Sam Dunn. Beyond the lighted stage is an insight into the phenomenon that is RUSH, my favourite band ever.

From humble but confident beginnings to the packed shows and incredible song-writing, this documentary sums up my feelings for this band and these guys.

Since 1977, this Canadian power trio has been the soundtrack of my life, and every album period connects with years in my life that I cherish, or remember with pain.

Guys, I love you.

No posts for some time! SHAME!

Well it’s always the same during the World Cup. I simply get enmeshed so much in the matches themselves that I neglect everything else.

Sad to say, really, but so true. At least I am still going to the pool for the 40 odd lengths now and then. I try to make it at least twice a week, something which I have managed so far.

Another reason why I am skimping on my blogs is the fact that I am trying hard to finish off my first full-length novel.

I don’t know what I am going to do with it once finished….probably I will re-write it…but who knows?