A week’s incarceration…

It’s been nearly 9 days since I started feeling a bit iffy… I had prepared myself with loads of real Vitamin C from real fruits, been careful not get caught in rainy weather, but nothing can convince me that influenza is not brought about by viruses.

Since being unceremoniously handed an HR related role at work, I need to naturally keep in contact with a load of people, mostly operators, nearly all of them girls.

Now as can be imagined, January has seen a dreaded attack of the snuffles here in Malta. Just as luck would have it, both girls I was training 9 days ago were still waaay out of order to attend work. Needless to say, being in close proximity to them while teaching them soldering has severely hit me….

Three days of incubation, and there I was on a Sunday, wheezing like a pet snake without a hiss… the previous years have been heavy on me. Why?

It is a known fact that I suffer from Ankylosing Spondilytis, well under control with inoculations, some chemotherapy, and a lot of care and attention. The chemo in form of pills, naturally robs your body of the much needed antibodies…

Actually these antibodies are the feckin problem in my life. The bad bugs attack the good bugs, preventing them from doing the work, ie… healing.

That is where the inoculations come in…

However, I am living comfortably with this treatment, and I have not had a day of sick, related to my back, for over 15 months now…. brilliant!

Last year though I had this terrible chest infection (remember, I have no immune system, even a bruise takes ten days to fade away), where I simply could not even laugh without fainting due to loss of oxygen in my brain.

This year, fortunately, due to my pre-emptive strike of taking antibiotics and even more steroids, I have evaded this fate. My doctor said that five days inside, taking it easy, would enable me to make a good recovery. I talked him out of it, insisting that after three days I would be good enough.

So it was that yesterday I called him, and boy was he pissed at me… “Didn’t I tell you that you need five days of total rest?”

Ah well… he does know best.

But I am so bored in here… it’s incarceration in a top hotel… that’s what it feels like.

I have every conceivable gadget, huge TV, massive sound system, lovely tv room with xbox, blu-ray, computers everywhere… but I find myself wandering to the kitchen and look longingly at people simply walking in the street.

Can’t wait til I get out!