Horribly bad January 2012

It is the end of January, and I am finally heading back to work after the Christmas holidays. Yeah, I know, it might sound strange, but the sad fact is that I have been extremely ill.

Well it didn’t start on the first, it was a week later, but by then I had already two days of holiday and a day off to hospital for regular checkup time. Apart from finding my cholesterol level a bit high, I was not in too bad a shape… or so the doctor said. I told him that I was truly fessed up and could not really move much.

So when I went back to work on a Friday (6th) the whole bloody factory staff was sneezing, sniffling, or parping into a hanky! None more so than my boss who is a hunting addict(!!!!). This induced me to believe I got this damn infection from him.

Monday 9th I was already ‘on the way’….but Tuesday, boy, was THAT an eye-opener or what…I was so sick that I was literally aching everywhere. I thought it was a little cold, so when the doc said that I would spend the rest of the week indoors, I kind of laughed at him!!! Well the joke was on me as my coughing fits became so strong that I used to lose my senses and pass out.

Frighteningly, this happened to me three times, in which on one occasion I fell specatacularly flat on my face from the sofa, smashing my glasses with my face as my head made contact with the tiles! God it was so scary, coming to, gaining consciousness out of the foggy recesses of my mind…

So yeah, I was very weak and come Sunday, I was not too sure I would go in back to work..In fact on Monday I called my doctor back…he gave me another three days, but I was still ill on Thursday, which necessitated another four day layover in bed..

Even now (1st of February) the cough simply won’t go away…