Music is my life. And some of the best music I have listened to is actually our own. Yes, our own.

Let me explain. Just recently our band Thorn has decided to go into an extended period of hibernation due to a number of reasons. Mostly to do with studying and education, both local and abroad. But without beating too much about the bush, I also think that we had taken a musical direction which was not only shallow, but decidedly so limiting as to curb our talents.

The band was initially called Stillborn, and to be honest, we received a lot of stick from many people. So many people in fact, that we decided to comply with the modern do-goody political-correctness ideas of today and change our name after ten years. Thorn was what was chosen.

I was a bit skeptical, but hey, what’s in a name? So Thorn it was. What did not go down well with our fans was the change in direction of the music, from a beautiful progressive metal harmony (ala DreamTheater or Rush) to a radio-friendly hard-rock sound.

To be blunt, while appreciating the effort, (and initially favouring it!) the music was so stripped down and bare that it felt empty of emotion. And we could not get along with that…

Then the death of Jade (still only 20) our lovely little talented pianist paved the way to our crumbling. With her loss came the realization that we could no longer function as a unit. Ideas dried up, work ethics took a harder grip on our members, and it was decided that we stop the project for a bit.

Naturally in between was the victory in the ECS Rock-Baze competition with our Angel, a beautiful rock ballad, and a number of other competitions including the Hard-Rock Cafe’ Battle of the Bands, locking horns with Fire. Following that competition, a number of showings on national TV and newspapers followed.

For the full story and video clips, please visit the link below. (an external site)

Naturally our quite beautiful album ‘Thy Feeble Soul’ is still available for purchase.

I will be posting links with samples later on.

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