Year 02

It is Friday evening as I write this. Late…very late…So late, in fact that is almost early…the next day of course. I have quietly celebrated by myself the second anniversary of one of my most important dates in my life. Birthday? Nope…wedding anniversary? Come on, gimme a break, who remembers those? Well today is the second year of my travels to England to watch THE band…RUSH…at Wembley. A four day trip that I will remember for as long as I live…hence the title Year 02.

A most memorable concert,that I enjoyed fully, not sitting down for a second. review here

And it all ended up in a great big muddle, from the moment I stepped onto the platform of the C2C train at King’s Cross Station…..and the speakers announcing ‘mmmf…mumble…mmf…02 minutes…**leigh’…bloody train speakers…I am flipping sure I heard that it was going to Rayleigh, but what it really meant was that this particular train was going to Leigh station,not Rayleigh…where my beloved relatives were waiting. Oh..and this was around 1.15 in the morning! I realised something was going wrong when the train passed the Dagenham Ford factory.

So there I was at 1 in the morning, with no credit left in my phone, and my relatives miles away at a different train station. Finally I got a call, and I informed them that I was at Leigh. They duly picked me up and argued funnily about it for a while….only to find in the morning that I did get the correct train from the correct station, but the 12.02 was the only one that went to Leigh. Hehehe….good one that.

Well, it is only now that I am laughing about it…cos at that time it was anything but. I was the only living thing for miles!

Happy Anniversary!