Naff weather…

As I gaze out the kitchen window, sometimes wandering into (as opposed to onto, seeing it is of the closed, interior type) the balcony, I am dismayed once again to see such naff weather.

I know it is supposed to be thus as this time of year, but still, I can’t help moping, thinking how nice it would be if we had at least a windless month, or at the very minimum, a nice calm week.

The sky is a leaden grey tinged with orange… not the ‘Wales’ type of autumn orange, but the ‘Libyan Sahara Desert’ type of colouring.

And my thoughts, because of the weather, turn to the fact that with such a wind, I hate going out cycling. As my friends know, I have been a bike fan for age, and recently, the bug has hit hard again. So yeah, this wind makes cycling extremely irksome, and oft-times, quite dangerous.

So I think I’ll just head to the garage and give my trusty charger a nice cleaning and a bit of lubing.

No, it’s not what you think!