Leave me alone! That is the winning track from the land of HEAVY METAL! Take a look at the winning song from Finland. This is an Evanescence type song, with powerful voice delivery and impressive guitar work. How can we have otherwise from the country that gave us Nightwish, Sonata Arctica and many more metal bands? This is a hit in my humble opinion.Olivia? Hold on to your butt! In my opinion we won’t even make the final.

Yep..well worth the asking price

Well of course I had tried my new BC Rich at home, but to tell the truth, nothing beats a balls-to-the-wall heavy session in a small garage to appreciate the real wall of sound that this guitar emits. Jesus wept! I had to keep the amplifier down to a bare minimum so as not to have my ears scorched by the deep booming emanating from the pickups. So yes, it was well worth the price. Now if we can only start to write new material. I know we have it in us!

On an even more positive note, regarding my very bad health issues, things seem to be moving on quite well. The reason? New medication in the form of VERY expensive injections, along with methotrexate pills, are enabling me to be myself again. Yes, I am back…but I am also totally new. This is an incredibly moving moment for me and my family, who has had to suffer from the consequences of my illness. The damage has been unfortunately done, but the medication will help to not only soothe the pain, but even slowly build on the damaged joint I have. In all probability, I will have to take these (self-administered) injections until the day I close my eyes forever…but hey…who knows when that moment will be?


Barely 5 days have passed since it was sent out from the nice guys (grovel grovel) at thomann.de and my nice new shiny BC Rich is already hanging from its post next to my Fender replica baby. What a sight for sore eyes they make as I gaze at their splendour! And what incredible value for a highly crafted instrument. Dreamy chrome fittings and solid black glossy paint adorn a simple but beautiful slightly arched-top bass guitar. The pic below shows it on the right, next to my trusty Skylark.

Okay, so what about the sound? Hell it is already loud by itself, let alone plugged into an amplifier. And the playability…wow..that’s why a well-crafted instrument will always bring out the best of you. With trepidation I tried it out to the beautiful bass-line of ‘Sultans of Swing’ , and . . . . and it plays beautifully!!!

I actually wasn’t home when the guitar arrived by van. My crafty wife and kids didn’t say anything to me as I headed to the computer room and let out a scream of delight as I saw the huge tightly packed box next to the sofa! So thanks to the guys at www.thomann.de for their fast delivery and amazing prices. Give them a try! Extremely helpful guys…Full Marks!

New Guitar on the way!

Well, I’m as proud as punch…I’m gonna be a parent again..well actually to a guitar! Hehe. I just happened to be on a German website www.thomann.de when I noticed this gleaming BC Rich Eagle Platinum going for a song. Just 148 Euros was the asking price for this black beauty, quite a lot down from the RRP of 650 Euros. What could I do but buy it? So now I am waiting eagerly for the mailman to call me to collect it! I can’t imagine my local postie dropping this monster through the letter box.

Visions of Atlantis album pushed to May 25th

Well yesterday, wonder of wonders , fans of VoA got a mail from Thomas, (drummer of VoA) with a link to download audio samples of the band’s new offering, ‘Trinity’. After the news that Nicole had departed, I was a bit wary of what I was about to hear, but new vocalist Melissa made up for any fears I might have had.

Me and my daughter really enjoyed ‘Castaway’ , the band’s previous offering, and we are really really waiting for the album with great trepidation. After hearing the sample tracks, I can say that the wait will be even more interminable. This is going to be good, really good. I left feedback to Thomas on their website and he replied back immediately, scarcely within 7 minutes. Now that is what I call honest to goodness availability.

So yes, although the album release has been pushed back to 25th May, the samples will do to whet our appetite. Thanks Thomas, and VoA…meanwhile we will just have to listen to Castaway again and again..but that’s not a bad thing after all…Castaway has been one of my top three albums ever since it was released. ‘Lost’ still gives me the shivers after all these years.

Manowar – Gods of War review

This is Manowar‘s first full length album since 2002’s Warriors of The World, an awesome album that was filled to the brim with tunes that rank as high as any in their entire catalog. Songs like ‘Hand of Doom’, ‘House of Death’, and ‘Call To Arms’, became personal anthems. That album came out during the aftermath of September 11, 2001, and contains the perfect amount of emotional drive.

Mixed with the historical context of that day, I felt that it was successful in its attempt to portray a call to arms, time for us all to get off our collective asses and fight. Even though I had been a fan of their music for years, that was the first time I actually took them seriously. It was then, because of the context, that I came to realize they are serious about their message, and it is this message that never wavers. Unfortunately, it is a message that never wavers. It starts and ends with the big guy, Odin, and the goal of all Norse warriors, to fight valiantly and die in battle so he can cross over the rainbow bridge and chow down in the great mess hall that is Valhalla, sitting next to their King, Odin.

It is this imagery, though, that causes people, including me, to snicker and visualize a bunch of white dudes standing around a fire with horns on their head, waving animal carcasses on a stick, and shouting ‘By the power of grey skull!’. This is a different time than it is was then. Yes I know, the age of war is not over, but without the real world context this time around, I cannot take the message seriously.

Gods of War isn’t another call to arms as Warriors of The World was. It is a concept album, one in a series of tribute albums to come covering the Norse Gods of legend. The series kicks off with this rousing tribute to the head honcho himself, Odin. In a series dealing with Norse Gods, to begin with anyone else would be completely disrespectful and potentially catastrophic. Odin just might send over Thor to jam a lightning bolt up your ass if you didn’t.

I am not much of a fan of concept albums, because what it really boils down to is this, I want to hear the music, not all the peripheral stuff. Such is the same with Manowar, I want to hear multitudes of rising anthems, crescendos that come fast and furious. I want to heat their version of power metal, long carrying the torch of true metal, played like they just invented it. The new album contains several of those moments, but there are as many moments that do not.

Believe me, I get concept albums, there are going to be lulls, ebbs, and flows. There is a story to be told, and sometimes a band has to go outside the song to lay the groundwork for the story. Something the songs cannot do this by themselves. So, what eventually happens is, concept albums tend to wander off on tangents and normally I will let it take me with them, for short necessary trips, but with Gods of War, nearly half of the album is spent ring around on these tangents.

And that is what kills this album in the end. The flow is needlessly thrown away in momentum damaging overtures that don’t necessarily assist in telling the story. Example: Beginning the album with two overtures, lasting nearly nine minutes. That’s too much set up, when all I really want is to hear the metal, this is a metal band after all, am I wrong? Another example is the placement of the hymn, ‘Army of The Dead Part 1’, which stops the momentum that ‘King of Kings’ created dead in its tracks. When ‘Sleipnir‘ gets going, which is a nice little power metal diddy actually, the pace quickens again and stays moving forward through to the next tune, my favorite track, ‘Loki God of Fire’. The guitar riffs that accompany the chorus are deliciously different than everything else on the album. Coupled with their only real attempt at groove, the song might actually make it into a personal top ten Manowar list.

Manowar is not a stranger to ballads, and this album does include them. I just question the placement of them. After the double shot of good metal I mentioned earlier, I think it was too soon to slow it down. In this case what did it was ‘Blood Brothers’, a good ballad for sure, but it is repetitious, and quite frankly, would have been great at the end, fading away as the album closes. If that didn’t fully kill the momentum, what followed further cemented my desire to hit the skip button. The Odin trifecta, situated directly and smack dab in the middle of the album. ‘Overture of Odin’ is exactly what it says, ‘The Blood of Odin’ is nothing more than atmospheric dialog, and then, finally, the band gets around to picking up their instruments again to finish off the trio with ‘Sons of Odin’, a typical Manowar song, and really, not all that good.

There are more overtures and dialog to come. I’m not quite sure why, after all that. ‘Gods of War’ sounded so good to me, after all it is a pretty simple hymn. Either it really is good, or it was the fact that I had to wait almost a half an hour to hear it. In the end, I came to the conclusion it’s combination of both. Only one track remains on the regular album that is worth noting, the curiously titled ‘Odin’, a mid-paced rocker that could have been better suited sandwiched in between ‘Loki God of Fire’ and ‘God of War’. The copy I received has a bonus track ‘Die For Metal’ which is a classic fist pumping anthem for and about the desire to save metal. Falling completely outside of the concept box, which I suspect, is why it is a bonus track.

RATING – 4/10 – I am just not a big fan of the over indulgence of the set ups, overtures, quiet instrumentals, and dialog. Is this Manowar? or is it Rhapsody of Fire? Much of this could have been cut out, the track listing consolidated, and emphasis placed on the actual metal tunes. Then, follow it up with a ballad if you must. But after forcing myself to listen to the entire album, as is, several times, I cannot in good faith say that I ever really want to listen to the tangents anymore. In the age we live in though, you can just take a big giant axe to much of the album, rearrange what’s left to your desired listing, and you can actually salvage this album.