A wheezy winter…

Usually I adore winter… the cool days, mild nights, walks in the (small) woods, and by the sea…

This year though, I am sort of willing it to end. And this has been brought about by the fact that I have had two really bad bouts of what I think is the dreaded influenza.

As a matter of fact, this Christmas has probably been the one that I have spent least in. Hardly surprising since Dec25th to January2nd was spent indoors, recovering from an almighty cold. That was one to ponder since I did not come into contact with anyone who did.

On the other hand, this week has seen me tackling a bad bad bout of flu; which has once more also seen me losing consciousness again, due to a chest infection. This is probably the fourth time this has happened to me. A prolonged bout of coughing and I am out. There is no recollection at all of what happens after that… probably, dying feels similar. This week’s has been the most embarassing of them all since it was in front of my wife, whom I scared mightily. Coming out groggily from my flapping, I realized how scary it must have been.

I can tell what brought this about. On Friday last, at the canteen, a woman came down to get a coffee, and she sneezed while coming in, not knowing i was there… At that point I caught the full brunt, and after trying hard not to show how annoyed I was, wondered.

“Why in hell’s name was she at work. And why for fuck’s sake did no-one complain all during the day?” The woman was bright red in the face, tears streaming down her eyes, and obviously carrying a high fever.

People, when you are sick… stay in your fuckin homes!