Another defeat…

Monday morning and I can't get over the fact that Juventus have suffered another defeat, this time to Sampdoria. 1-0, courtesy to a goal by boy wonder Antonio Cassano... This defeat comes after the humiliation of losing 4-1 away to Fulham at Craven Cottage in London. A goal allowed to stand after a foul on … Continue reading Another defeat…


OK! Done.

All right! It works! Just ported my blogger account across to WordPress, and then enable mail blogging to make sure that I can write down my thoughts without even going into the WordPress page. What is easier than sending a mail with your writing? More to come from me.

Setting up on WordPress.

Recently, despite loving my blog, I have been told by a good amount of people that the design looks so old and dated. Unfortunately there is not much choice on offer. So I have tried transferring to WordPress. This is a big move, and might not be appreciated...but what the heck... I'll take the chance!