Amazing product!

Looking out for a new mobile phone recently, I was impressed at the specs offered
by this phone from China, and on a whim, decided to get one.

At the paltry price of 99$, how wrong can one get? The only thing I can say is that thank heavens I got this phone!

It is a superb piece of multimedia kit. I can listen to music on my car amplifier via bluetooth, I can see the images from the camera on a large screen, and also watch movies on it.

Unfortunately sometimes I spend hours at hospital, and the ebook-reader option is a god-send. You can carry all amounts of books on it. Just plop your .txt file into the appropriate folder and that’s all there is to it. You can switch from book to book without the phone losing your page! The phone can even auto-scroll the pages for you, by line or by page…

The screen is bright, clear and easy to use, calling someone is a doddle, and all round the phone is extremely easy to use. Okay it doesn’t have wi-fi, but it never was on my priorities list, although it would have been nice. A couple of weeks ago I used to take my mobile phone and a pda with me wherever I go, but this is just great. The only thing I THINK I do not have is the ‘shake’ thingy, but no big deal to me.

The calls on the set are clear, and using the provided headset, I can go out for a walk with just this thing in my pocket, and when a call comes through it is patched through to the headphones….admittedly the earpieces supplied were rubbish, so I just removed them from the small speakers, and soldered a decent pair from Creative…and the sound is divine. Maybe not iPhone quality , but really good anyway.

Hehe…the original ones were moulded on a set of really expensive Sennheisers. I should know, owning the originals myself.

And you should hear this thing blaring through Bluetooth…oh the freedom of having your kids change the music at the back of my car without asking! And for private use try a pair of Motorola BT phones on will be amazed.

In the case it has six speakers and they are LOUD…sorry . L-O-U-D!!!! I don’t need a radio anymore! You even can set this phone up to switch itself off at , say, 11pm and switch itself on at 6am, hook up various alarms throughout the day and over a whole week…”wake me up at 6am on Mondays through Wednesday, at 7.30am on Thursdays and bugger off on Fridays.” Yes, really!

And the alarm sounds so gorgeous, a sweet Chinese melody that I sometimes leave playing simply so I can hear it. Unobtrusive SMS pings and warbles… a good selection actually.

The calendar is a bit limiting, but not extrmely so, seeing that you can even use really accurate handwriting to input your data! And I have found a software to synchronise with my PC. There is also a camera which is touted at being 2MP, but unfortunately can only go up to VGA resolution. Firmware time anyone? The pictures are really great on a sunny day, but suffer a bit when taken inside. You can also frame the images with pre-drawn funky frames for your kids.

But there are too many other features to mention in a short review.

The $99 included the phone, 2 batteries (why? each charge lasts well over 10 days!), a wall charger, an electrical outlet adapter, a silicon-cover, a 1Gb SanDisk micro-SD with a larger USB adapter, a USB Cable for charging the phone and using it as a flash-drive, a car-lighter to USB Charger kit, head-set with microphone and earphones as well as switch for track-advancing or switching to answer-mode. Oh yes, the screen-protector as well as velvet-wipe for it. Hope I haven’t forgotten anything. And all for the price of $99.

Ridiculous…I cannot imagine how they earn money selling this. I guess the only quibble I would find is the width of the unit, but even that is acceptable…it is a multimedia machine after all, with a HUGE touch screen. There is also a nice little stowaway stylus the goes into the phone’s battery cover.
Now isn’t that COOL? I really would buy another one.

Highly recommended! Just don’t let your kids near it! You might never see this gem again, unless it is in their grubby hands!

Thanks to for his sales!