Here we go again!

Following a really good diet and exercise regimen that I implemented last year, I lost quite a bit of weight. However the back problems that I have had meant that I simply had to reduce the amount of hours of exercise that I could put in. The fact that the medication required a certain amount of food to go with it, for safety reasons, meant also that I have slowly started to put in those little extra pounds here and there.

Coupled with the heat this summer is already bringing with it, I have neglected a bit of my training.

When I started in March last year I was at an all high 135kg…by the end of July I was at 109kg, and managed to see the double-digits on my scales on Xmas day. On the 25th I saw 99.8…which is the lowest I have been for years..the next day I was up at 100.6 again though.. Unfortunately with the lack of training, I have crept up to 103.6kg…and it shows. I can say that when I was at 109 I was slimmer..Why? Because I had loads of muscles on my arms, chest and legs. Now I fear thay are breaking down.

So where is this bringing us? I will be setting a new goal which I would like to reach by the end of July. And that is to see the 99-100kg figure regularly, not just a flash in the pan. How will this be done? First the amount is a meagre 4kg in 8 weeks…so that is around a pound a week…hardly difficult….AH! I say…’tis the season of beer..and of the World Cup. Thankfully there will be an hour’s break between each of the three matches, which I will use to put in a cardio workout in the first session , and then a weight session between the second and third match. I might turn it the other way round since between 8pm and 9pm the weather will be far cooler for a run.

And lay off the ‘bad’ food..especially carbs. I will try to take these only in the morning. Hmm….I think that bread,butter,pasta…these must be really reduced. And none in the afternoons.How am I going to live? Protein, coupled with loads of fibre.

Finally the back problems seem to be easing up a bit, thank God.

Date:24th May 06 Weight 103.6kg

Summer is in!

Well, summer has really started with a bang here in Malta. Time to head for the beach! The mercury has been hitting the 35Celsius mark for over 3 days in a row now. As one can imagine, the heat is incredible. The humidity doesn’t help a lot either. So it’s up to Mellieha for nice long nights by the sea. Well a lot of friends have been asking how I am doing with therapy. Thankfully things have improved a LOT since starting out. Thanks Luke! Much appreciated! Although I did promise him that once I am back to normal, I will happily throw him over the balcony into the pool. Alas..I have to take a ticket and wait my turn!

So, with just a few months of therapy left, I just have to take it easy and my health will come back!

Oh..and for those of you who sent me email about LORDI…I don’t really care about all the other pop songs. they were crap anyway! I’m a metal lover, how else would I vote?

I suggest that anybody not understanding the power and faith that is heavy metal should see this documentary. It might not make you fans of the genre, but you will get a better understanding of what is, what should be, and what not to expect…

Take Care! And be happy with what you have!

Hard Rock Hallelujah!

I am in state of ecstasy…why? LORDI , the heavy metal Finnish band, has just trounced all competition in the Eurovision song contest. There was just one real song in it…and LORDI sang it. As for Malta? Pah! The puny Fabrizio Faniente finished LAST!!! HOORAY!!!

So , my friends, embrace the true faith that is HEAVY METAL!! Hard Rock Hallelujah! And if you think that this was good, think again! Listen to the ‘Get Heavy’ album, and look out for track 3…Would you love a monsterman?

My kids (11 and 8!) go wild when they here it….they’re going to wreck the damn house! And what do I say?


Let there be ROCK!!!