Finally Metropolis is now!

It has been a long time coming, but finally I have managed to lay my hands on Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. A film of epic proportions, with science-fiction overtures and the never-ending fight of good against evil…between the head and the hands must lie a mediator…the heart. A gripping movie, a historical legend and worth every cent and every hour I have waited for it. And when you consider that this movie was made in 1927, it is stupenduous.

Retro Gaming

I forgot to add this. Lately I have started to re-program some games from bygone that had gameplay not the souped-up memory hungry monsters of today. Thanks to Blitz Basic, things are somewhat easier to do lately. Please click the link for the retro-page on the right. Games are available for download for free….aaaah…the bliss…I remember me and my brother Ken playing Blasto until late at night…and what about Bigfoot? Say no more.


Well it’s Saturday, but I still have to go in to work today…I don’t mind because it’s a bit of extra money that I could do with…yep! It will pay for the gym quarterly fee…well worth it then. But most importantly it is a day when I get a really large amount of work done. I guess it must be the quiet and peace. And no phones ringing either…thumbs up then!

This week has been a mad one, but finally I am getting the results I wish for health-wise. More later on.

Juve beat Inter … again!

Well it has been a topsy-turvy week…I have been unfortunately mostly bed-ridden with my back, but thankfully the end of the week proved happy enough when my Juventus beat the hated Inter 2-1. Del Piero scored the winner, after Samuel had cancelled out Ibrahimovic’s opener. You can imagine this morning, I went to work with my Juve shirt and a big scarf around my neck…no offence to my mates’s only sport….NOT!

Sportingly ok!

A normal day today…thankfully I did manage to stretch my legs early in the morning when I was still quite ok. Juve beat Udinese 1-0 while Spurs demolished Charlton 3-1… so a good day I would say.

A nice quiet evening watching TV with the kids is on the cards now, and I cherish it…and of course it’s back to work tomorrow.

Thank you Eileen and Alan!

Just back from the post-office…Eileen I swear you’re going to make a thin man out of me after all. What a surprise it was to recieve a package from you two! How did you know I had lost that movie? Thank you so much for thinking of me! I loved the letter more to be totally frank, I enjoy hearing from you…hmm…I’m your sweet lips remember? Now where is that picture? I knew I had it somewhere… it is then! What a day that was…Curried rice and lasagna…mmm…..