Finally Metropolis is now!

It has been a long time coming, but finally I have managed to lay my hands on Fritz Lang's Metropolis. A film of epic proportions, with science-fiction overtures and the never-ending fight of good against evil...between the head and the hands must lie a mediator...the heart. A gripping movie, a historical legend and worth every … Continue reading Finally Metropolis is now!


Retro Gaming

I forgot to add this. Lately I have started to re-program some games from bygone that had gameplay not the souped-up memory hungry monsters of today. Thanks to Blitz Basic, things are somewhat easier to do lately. Please click the link for the retro-page on the right. Games are available for download for free....aaaah...the … Continue reading Retro Gaming


Well it's Saturday, but I still have to go in to work today...I don't mind because it's a bit of extra money that I could do with...yep! It will pay for the gym quarterly fee...well worth it then. But most importantly it is a day when I get a really large amount of work done. … Continue reading Saturday!

End of week today!

It's a public holiday here in Malta tomorrow..the shipwreck of St.Paul. As long as it's a holiday I will cheer anyone on! Well yesterday night Juve didn't win, with our team missing a penalty in the dying moments of the match. Still on top though!


A fairly relaxed couple of days, which were, for a change, mostly pain-free...I can only hope that this state of health continues for a while. Juve will be playing Parma at night. Maybe more updates later on.