Maltese Language Kindle Books.

So this morning I purchased two ebooks from Merlin Publishers, just as an experiment, and while I laud their excellent drive to make books more accessible, I find it irritating that Maltese books are not available on the Kindle Store… a kindle is better to read on than a tablet… it’s the whole point actually.

When you think that languages included on the Amazon Store include something written in Alsatian (which, in all honesty, seems like a doggy to me), then why is Maltese left out?

Manx is spoken in the Isle of Man with only 53 first language users… and 1800 second language…

Alsatian is a minority language spoken in France… with perhaps 500,000 of the population….

So perhaps Maltese should be on that list!

The following ‘minor’ languages are available…

Tamil / Hindi / Dutch / Afrikaans / Catalan Swedish / Danish / Marathi / Icelandic / NorwegianMalayalam / Welsh / Luxembourgish / IrishGalician / Basque / Gujarati / Scottish GaelicScots / Swahili / Alsatian / Polish / ProvençalManx / Latin / Greek / Hungarian / Vietnamese

A solution is very easy though. Let’s see. How many Maltese readers buy kindle books in Maltese? I’d wager that it isn’t a huge number. So?

Get the finished manuscript, sign it digitally, or indeed, with a front-liner, “This book has been purchased by John Doe. If you are not John Doe, then you have an illegally obtained book.” Then send it directly to the registered owner.

I am pretty sure that I would not splash out eight or ten euros to then give the book away. Of course, there will always be a way to get the text out, just as there is a simple way with the Glassboxx app… for someone like me, there is always a way.

There are times when one has to go on trust…