Moving forward is the only option!

Because standing still means that you are simply left behind in the rat race. As my readers know, I have started a new job with an important company within our islands. There is no need to mention that such a move would obviously lead to a culture shock. And at 57, I had no misconceptions … Continue reading Moving forward is the only option!


Maltese Language Kindle Books.

So this morning I purchased two ebooks from Merlin Publishers, just as an experiment, and while I laud their excellent drive to make books more accessible, I find it irritating that Maltese books are not available on the Kindle Store... a kindle is better to read on than a tablet... it's the whole point actually. … Continue reading Maltese Language Kindle Books.

40th Computer Anniversary.

Celebrating my 40th computer birthday! I had to re-hash and re-publish this article, originally written in 2014. Too many reasons to explain why. As the years have passed, it is easy to overlook something as commonplace as the computer in our homes. But a very few short years ago, there were no such things in … Continue reading 40th Computer Anniversary.

Pajji┼╝ irrimedjalment marid!

Din l-ahbar u sussegwetament l-ammont inkredibli ta 'smileys' li gabar, hija l-emblema ta pajjiz marid. Li jinqatalghek id-dawl ghal fuq minn hmistax il siegha, f'din il bolgja ta shana nfernali mhux tac-cajt.Lanqas li tarmi ammont ta iekel li min jaf kemm sewa flus mil-freezers... Ma ninsewx l-antipatija tas-shana li taqtalek nifsek, jew li ghandek genituri … Continue reading Pajji┼╝ irrimedjalment marid!

Covid effects on an athlete..

After an extraordinary Formula One race, and a brilliant comeback, the podium at the Hungaroring was somewhat different. Esteban Ocon took top spot on the rostrum, Sebastian Vettel a close second, and Lewis Hamilton within touching distance. Eventually irregularities in Vettel's vehicle (less than 300cl of fuel left in the tank), meant that the Aston … Continue reading Covid effects on an athlete..