Managerial Ineptitude.


Lately, especially these last few months now, I have been thinking quite a bit on this subject. Normally this would be something I would not touch with a barge-pole. 

But these last few days, reading around on facebook, as well as asking a good amount of friends, I have been properly inundated by a series of affirmations and questions that I cannot answer.

The answer to my question (“What do you think of your manager”) was staggeringly simple..

“Don’t tell me you only realized just now that most managers are idiots?” ( Well, most didn’t use the word idiots, as much as a certain much-cherished part of the anatomy).

The frightening bit about this affirmation is the fact that most people hate their managers and what they stand for. More than frightening, I actually find it disconcerting. Okay, I may not have the best manager, but that doesn’t mean I hate him/her. I may disagree with him/her, but eventually, he/she will still be treated with respect.

But deep down, what do I feel? How can I put into simple words the clear simple facts that in my honest opinion, most of the time, their perceived improvement is in fact, a load of cobblers?

How does a person go from being incredibly efficient to becoming an undesirable? Why do managers, from all walks of life, it has to be said, continuously manage to drive their employees loopy?

How can a manager come up with such a screwed idea of putting a painter in charge of, say, automobile construction? Or a software-savvy guy in charge of machines? When the people I asked messaged me with the answer to my queries, the simple fact could be seen that across the whole board, it was the same.

So what do I really, really feel?

I feel that in this case, managerial ineptitude is rife in this country, and is a major reason of unrest, grumbling, and such a massive turnover in local companies. And the more I think about it, the more it appears to be true.

So what should managers do?

Easy! Begin by assembling the best team possible. After all, your business is only as good as your employees — they’re the face of your company. Let them focus on build quality. Positive and resourceful customer service too helps set your company apart at the outset, since larger companies are simply not as hungry for new customers.

Aim to create the best improvement and quality experience for your customers and do not compromise on the quality of your employees. Seek out intelligent and independent individuals who share your passion and vision. Put them in places where they will benefit you.

Regular communication about priorities and strategies is crucial to professional and monetary growth. Meetings (or talks) should be held regularly to keep improvements and modifications up to the moment.

Alas, I fear that it is not that easy…