S T U P E N D O U S !

The first rains of autumn coincided with the morning that my blasted flu’ took over. And so being quite unable to sleep, I decided to make my way to the rather large balcony doors that face south on to the gardens, eager to catch some of the majesty that the night skies were unleashing upon this little island….for the first time in more than three months.

And for the umpteenth time I thought about the many times I have woken up simply to watch this spectacle. And of course wonder how I could portray at least once of those ‘serpents of fire’ making their way though the clouds. At least once. But alas, luck, or perseverance, was never on my side.

The next morning on the official Times site, I caught a glimpse of the photo below. And I could only gaze in wonder at the splendor of it all. The winding road caught in a fusion of orange lights, the distant buildings twinkling merrily in the background, with a great big tongue of lightning lapping up the air, bathing the immediate atmosphere with its binding whiteness.

(click thumbnail to view image in full)

Photographer Malcolm Sammut has been kind enough to share this beautiful rendering of the power of nature free of charge to all those who have asked him for the photo. For that we thank him and offer our most sincere appreciation for an art that is asking for even more ingenuity due to the increase in technology. But apart from framing and a name, this picture in untouched. Pure timing and skill.

I can only say … touche’.


It is NOT turning out to be a good week after all. About the only thing that can be said in its’ favour is the fact that I won’t be at work. But it will certainly not be enjoyable….au contraire.

The fact is that I have a rather harsh throat infection, meandering up to my ears. And it isn’t pleasant at all. Strangely enough I didn’t have anything yesterday, sure, I sneezed a couple of times, but not what you might make you think something’s coming up.

But this night was a torment. After returning home from band practice, I felt a bit out of sorts, but put it away to tiredness, since the medication bloody well kills me. I did not close an eye for more than ten minutes, and stayed awake watching the lightning show.

And now my worst fear. An infection. Something as innocuous as this can really endanger my health. I can only hope that my antibodies have started working a bit now. It has been four months now since the ‘deadly yellow’ pills have been stopped, so things should be ok.

But a little insurance never hurt anyone, so a quick call to hospital made sure that the medics knew of my condition. As always, I have full faith in my helpers!

I’m going to bed, maybe get some shut-eye.

Blonde Hookers!

As I make my way home from band practice every Saturday night, I pass in front of a house in Marsa which is well known for providing pleasures of the flesh to the hard-working men of the area. Now sitting on the doorstep of this house, are usually three or four of the women who, let us say ,’inhabit’ the house in question. 

Nothing unusual, one might say, after all, plying their trade in the traditional fashion is one of the oldest jobs ever available to mankind. 

But one thing comes to my mind. Why is it that ALL of the assorted women who are on the doorstep are a frightening shade of pale blonde? There is a short one, a tall err…lady, a skinny one and a quite chubby one, who resembles my mother in age…but all unquestionably peroxide blonde. 

What is it with hookers and blondes? This is a question that has me pondering mightily why it should be so. I can honestly say that I have not yet mustered the courage to stop and ask. Nor do I have any intention of doing so. 

Be that as it may…there is a girl there who sometimes makes an appearance, and she is immensely beautiful, young and well-proportioned. But she sports jet-black hair. 

Ah….must be the tea-lady then!