Maltese buying more from abroad…really?

A big-wig in Brussels has just stated that the Maltese these days are buying more from abroad than ever.

It’s true… but why the hell did it take so long for him to notice? Isn’t it clear that Maltese shops apart from being run by rude salespersons, are more expensive?

Just a few examples to illustrate my point….all purchased these last 7 months! Obviously ALL products were new!

Nintendo Wii (purchased from London) 40Stg. (Malta? 175Euros!!!!)
Original NIKE Dri-Fit Juventus away shirt (purchased in London) 20Stg (Malta? 75Euros!!!!)
3 pairs of Lonsdale trainers (25Stg total!) (Malta? Varying from 40Euros to 60Euros each!!!!)
iPad purchased from London 379Sterling , (Malta? 690Euros)
BCRich Eagle Bass guitar (from Germany) 125Euros (Malta? 479Euros!!!!)
Amazon Kindle 3 (purch from London) 65Stg (Malta? 139Euros!!!)
10 pairs of Sandals (purch in UK) 24STG!!!! (Malta? I gave up after I reached a 100euros!)

Just SOME of the many items I purchased from abroad, and very well delivered by Maltapost, with utmost care and courtesy! And the thing is, I still have international warranties for ALL items I bought. I do not buy anything except groceries from Malta anymore, and if that were possible, NOT EVEN THAT! I do most of our shopping at the new brand of supermarkets (no ads!), where the products are good and low in price.

These days it is clear from the internet that the items that we buy in the shops cost FAR LESS from Amazon, Play and Ebay. Yeah, I know, I’m screwing our economy, but it is ME who puts the PLATE on OUR TABLE.

We don’t even frequent the cinemas anymore! A family of four watching a movie will amount to nearly 50 euro… for half that price I wait a couple of months and buy it on blu-Ray from Play.

But most of all, what really really bugs me, is the total lack of customer service here. The surliness of most of the salespersons (mostly girls!) in Paola is abso-effing-lutely DISGUSTING! We are made to appear as if we are morons and that we are living thanks to them, instead of their being grateful.

Malta? thanks, but no thanks. Only fate put me here…