New Year , New Currency, Same old Shit…

So it’s the start of the New Year. What will it actually bring with it? Depends on which walks of life you are going to look at I guess.

Musically I am sure that this year will continue to give our band Stillborn even more satisfaction. Healthwise things are looking up after the huge problems I went through in 2006. Last year was the settling down of the same troubles, while 2008 will bring with it a whole new meaning to the word LIFE.

It is at work that I am very demotivated. I think that the wheel has come full circle and I need to make a move. So much pressure for so little satisfaction. I guess that is the root of all evil in so far as my disapproval lies. We are supposed to be a forward looking company, but ‘forward looking’ in name with no real direction bugs me.

It is my opinion that management is really fessing things up. Silly deadlines plucked out of thin air, chopping and changing, personnel leaving regularly… quite understandable really. The management won’t change, so the the players will.

The simplest thing is to change work. About the only thing that is on my mind is the fact that my work notice is eight whole weeks. I don’t know how a company can expect a worker to come to work with motivation knowing he has the time to make up before leaving. This is a stupid law. Two weeks is more than enough to say your goodbyes.

Another thing , and I think that this is the crux of the matter… I would dearly like to go back to my true love… IT and computing. Designing web-sites, programs, multimedia software and the like…maybe I find somewhere with good vibes.