Facebook and GDPR


The GDPR act will have a massive influence on the way our data is being shared. This is especially so for Facebook and other social media.

One HAS to accept however, that a social network will always need to rely on certain data to get through.

I also think that a lot of fuss is being made as well. We need to understand and agree that our actions on this platform (as well as others) will have far reaching actions… It’s like going to the village square for a party… naturally, those seeing you will know who you are. Unless you go with your head covered.

That does not mean that they know (or need to know) what time you went to the bank, or to the loo, or what you have eaten… unless you want to share that.

You only share that which you think is able to be shared. Of course, I DO post pictures. None of those show me or my family in compromising situations. What’s to find out if I post pictures of our cats Jinji or Nibbles?

Or if my daughters have graduated or not? I am proud of them reaching those achievements! And what about of my love for heavy metal and my absolute distaste for any religion? It’s who I am! It’s why I joined up on FB.

What’s healthier than an honest, tough, argument with football opponents who are my friends? What is better than voicing your opinion on political matters which might shape the future of your country? You find people who are dumber than you. And you find others who impart a lesson to you.

And how about sharing your passion for flight, for games, painting, reading, writing, photography? By posts, or by uploading images?

FB has done a lot to bring ex-classmates together, literally reaching back through time to share our happy years together. It has brought us music fans closer to the artists. I have personally talked to many metal singers or band members. And football players, artists, and happily, many authors.

…it has also done irreparable damage. I know about that as well.

This is Facebook. For better or for worse. Through thick and thin.

And most brilliant thing is this… If you are worried about it, don’t use it. Unsubscribe to it. Nobody is forcing you.