Hello Tony! This one’s for you!

Hi Tony, long time no see! It was nice to see your message yesterday. Well as you can see from my blogs I am not presently in the best of health (to put it mildly!). So as you can imagine, listening to good music helps alleviate the pain a lot.

So what am I listening to… hmm… silly question… Mela, I have this brilliant new album from Sonata Arctica , called ‘For the sake of revenge’. It is a live album recorded in Japan, and soon to be released on DVD in May.

Another album that is driving me nuts with its quality is one by a band called Visions of Atlantis. The album is called ‘Castaway’. You should really try to listen to these 2 albums as they are MEGA.

The Visions of Atlantis singer is (in my opinion) to replace Tarja from Nightwish, who has been sacked.

Tony, try also to look out for the new Judas Priest DVD , ‘Rising in the East’.. it is absolutely awesome and an album no self-respecting metalhead should be without!

Obviously no collection would be complete without my beloved RUSH putting in a glimpse… and you know I especially love the older Rush albums.

Keep rocking buddy! At the moment I cannot drive too much, so you might have to do the visiting!

See you!