What a rocking time we had!

A big round of applause to all those of you who made the short trip down to Marsaxlokk for the 3rd Rock Festival. It was awesome playing alongside great Maltese performers such as BNI , X-Vandals , and of course the hugely popular Angelcrypt.

We enjoyed our time on stage and hope you enjoyed the show that all of us managed to put on.

A huge thank you goes to the Local Council of M’xlokk which always find time, patience and money to sponsor this show year in year out. Mr.Remiggio Cassar…we can never thank you enough for your incessant effort, time, and devotion to the cause of promoting local talent. How I wish that other councils were as generous!

Maybe this year, in which ironically we had the best sound and lighting, we were a bit unlucky with the happening of at least another two big shows, which split rock lovers. But it never rains unless it pours, so they say. But it is better to have more than less , no?

What? We were paid to play? We were paid to Rock our hearts out? Well, cheers then Mr.Cassar! You’ve made our day!

PS. On a very positive note, we were amazed to look out onto the stall where our merchandise was on sale, to see our new album fly ‘off the shelves’, right after our performance. This is nothing short of amazing, and gives us great heart. To cap it all, we were then hunted down to autograph the CD Sleeve. I can tell you that we really really appreciated your purchase.

A very humble Thank You from us all!

A mad place to live in!

So. Saturday we will probably see a repeat of what happened last year.

That is, the audience will be having fun rocking away to the music… but as soon as the magic hour strikes eleven, we will have to pack up our amps and guitars…and make our way home. Unless as organisers we want to spend the rest of the night locked up in the local chink!

So isn’t 11 o’clock a decent time to pack it in? Hell no!

The fact is that here in Malta, our local ‘festas’, (with all the blood and sorrow they bring with them) are allowed to continue past that hour, well into the wee hours of the morning!

That’s justice for you.

Okay, got that off my chest. After the summer holidays have ground Malta practically to a halt, this week sees the last of the stragglers coming back to restart work next week. My vacation only lasted 5 days, but at least it has been quiet here in the office. With maybe just a bit more of liberty!

Keep Rocking!

Have your feeble soul rocked.

So here it is finally! The week we will fine-tune our music and set-list for the forthcoming festival in Marsaxlokk.

All is in order for us Stillborn, BNI, Angelcrypt and X-Vandals to rock the hell out of the sleepy seaside town. Xlukkajri prepare your ear-drums for a veritable rock feast.

Over here at Stillborn we are in a really good mood and raring to kick-ass. As if the release of our debut album ( Thy Feeble Soul … ) wasn’t enough, we are also in the process of writing new material for a second album. (I hope I can afford it!). Three new tracks from the next album will be making it to the concert, and we sincerely hope that you like them! Our new tracks take the music to a bare stripped-down essential, with more melodies and flowing solos. They are absofuckinglutely awesome.

So come on down to the quayside and enjoy a free night of rocking! Just offer us a nice cold beer and queue up to buy our album! We will be doing a signing session after the gig! At just 10Euros, you can hardly go wrong! Overseas orders are also accepted!

Keep safe..and keep METAL!


Long time not blogging

Haven’t blogged for some time, so here is a little post to show that I am still around. Well the heat here in Malta is searing, with high humidity levels..it is so hot it is incredible. I absolutely hate going out in daylight!

On a positive note, last Friday I was at the Farsons Beer Festival in TaQali, where once again our favourites, namely ‘FIRE’, contributed to nearly an hour’s worth or beautiful classic metal! What surprised me most was the introduction of a new cover, that of Ozzy’s ‘I never wanna stop’ from the new album…and I must say it totally rocked me away. As did all the other songs too…

Following Fire there was Frenzy Mono, who have somehow managed to put me off. I think they are great musicians and players, but their song-writing leaves me cold. Sorry guys. Unfortunately we were not in time with our application to play,so we hope to reserve our place from well beforehand next year.

Meanwhile , head over to www.stillbornmalta.com for updates on our festival on the 25th of August. BE THERE!