Drinking is worse than eating!

One involves chewing. The other involves sipping. But when it comes to calories, drinking can be the same as eating.

“Oh sure,” you might be saying. “I know that. I’ve cut out soda, wine, and beer. All I drink now are healthy things like juice.”

The problem, unfortunately, is that what appears to be healthy often isn’t.

Some of the worst offenders are fruit-flavored drinks. These drinks are only 5 percent fruit juice, and because they’re full of sugar, a 20-ounce bottle packs 300 or more calories (as much as a cream-filled doughnut)!

Another no-no? Nutritional energy drinks. Your body derives energy from calories, so (surprise!) that’s what these shakes deliver: 240 extra calories a day, enough to make you gain a half-pound per week. Instead take a daily multivitamin to get the vitamins without the spare tire.

Remember to stick with what’s real. A glass of 100 percent juice, skim milk, herbal tea or (best of all) good, clean, calorie-free water. Flavor it with a little sugar-free drink mix, if you need something sweet.

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