Back again!

Well after a good long summer break, here I am again, with another instalment of ‘Back to the funny farm!’…hehe.. as if!

A lot of water has passed under the bridge these last couple of months on which I was absent… but so much has happened that I am loathe to leave it all undocumented.

Number one has been the victory of the Italian national squad in Germany2006…what a night that was. And no less important was the demotion of Juventus to the second division in Italy after a ‘match-fixing scandal’. Looking back on the court proceedings I can see that it is all a plot to discredit just the one team. Loads to say here, and it is not over yet. More on that as soon as I have some time to fill in the blanks in the diary!

Well , health-wise I am just a bit better, though not by that much. The pain is still lingering down my right leg. Thankfully, by doing regular exercise, and of course…a LOT of rest, especially in the afternoons, I can get to live a nearly-normal lifestyle. Thanks to my bosses at work for that. My fear is that I don’t know how long they can keep up with my needs. A change in the time would nearly necessitate a change in job….aaaargh…can’t even contemplate that! Simply too many friends and a nice job too!

Thankfully another drop in weight has also resulted following the dieting and training. Mostly walking you know, but still a big help.

Maybe another post tomorrow!

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