Visions of Atlantis album pushed to May 25th

Well yesterday, wonder of wonders , fans of VoA got a mail from Thomas, (drummer of VoA) with a link to download audio samples of the band’s new offering, ‘Trinity’. After the news that Nicole had departed, I was a bit wary of what I was about to hear, but new vocalist Melissa made up for any fears I might have had.

Me and my daughter really enjoyed ‘Castaway’ , the band’s previous offering, and we are really really waiting for the album with great trepidation. After hearing the sample tracks, I can say that the wait will be even more interminable. This is going to be good, really good. I left feedback to Thomas on their website and he replied back immediately, scarcely within 7 minutes. Now that is what I call honest to goodness availability.

So yes, although the album release has been pushed back to 25th May, the samples will do to whet our appetite. Thanks Thomas, and VoA…meanwhile we will just have to listen to Castaway again and again..but that’s not a bad thing after all…Castaway has been one of my top three albums ever since it was released. ‘Lost’ still gives me the shivers after all these years.

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