Covid effects on an athlete..

After an extraordinary Formula One race, and a brilliant comeback, the podium at the Hungaroring was somewhat different.

Esteban Ocon took top spot on the rostrum, Sebastian Vettel a close second, and Lewis Hamilton within touching distance. Eventually irregularities in Vettel’s vehicle (less than 300cl of fuel left in the tank), meant that the Aston Martin driver lost his position in favour of Hamilton, with Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz promoted to third.

But for me, the most important happening was not only Ocon’s merited maiden win, but the abolutely horrendous state, Hamilton was in.

The driver was absolutely shattered, and just could barely stay on his feet. It was indeed harrowing to see how this superb athlete was reduced to. Granted, driving a Formula1 car is anything but easy. It requires great skill, judgment, and a cool head apart from huge physical resources.

So it was surprising for me to see how Hamilton had been so affected.

If a superb athlete like Lewis Hamilton is still suffering last year’s Covid infection, just imagine what it can do to a normal person, or an autoimmunity compromised one, like I am.

I sincerely hope he recovers soon. I am a Ferrari fan, but I see Lewis as a worthy opponent and a hard worker. I cannot fault that.

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