AOZ Football Manager

After the release of the Atom IDE for AOZ Studio, I have really been getting into the AMOS community once again.

The old manual has helped me tremendously, and as I gained a bit more confidence, I decided to take the plunge.

Some time ago I embarked on a dream of mine. Inspired by the great Kevin Toms and his eternal Football Manager, I decided to try and replicate his game, simply because it was so good. There is no need to say that I did not manage to reach the finer points his game had. KT just created the perfect game…nice and easy on the lower levels, but increasing in difficulty, season by season, and level by level.

That was okay by me as I knew I could never reach that incredible height. I just wanted to create a game I would enjoy myself.

Of course, Kevin Toms went to recreate his own game for modern machines, and I was well and truly lost in his game once again.

I just continued on with my programming, as mentioned above, to keep going on with the game.

This game was started out on Blitz which is a very good platform indeed. Sadly, the Blitz Basic page has been closed and the forum disbanded, and everyone seems to have disappeared.

This week I decided to see if I could transfer my game to AMOS. After all, I was quite good in AMOS when I was a youngster.

And now, I have decide to chronicle my journey into hoping to release the game re-written using AOZ. It’s not going to be easy, or quick, and I might have pauses between updates as my work keeps me very busy.

Cheers! Chris.