The time for EBikes.

The revolution has started

Interesting post on the Times this morning by ADPD about reducing cars from the road. Some fine thoughts indeed. With one GLARING omission.

In the past two years, as technology has improved in leaps and bounds even in the wake of coronavirus, a silent but imnportant revolution has been unfolding.

Bicycles are not only coming back, but returning en-masse, with a vengeance, as it were. EBikes are taking the world by storm, however the leader of ADPD has neglected to mention this noble but extremely effective form of transport which would be just right not only for longer more arduous trips, but also for shorter distances.

The government has issued €4 million to private (RICH!) companies to upgrade their money-making vehicles. (What the hell?)

At an average of €2000 (per ebike) each, those millions could ostensibly take 2000 cars off the road.

Yet we continue to cling obstinately to the hopes that the bus service will come good. Here’s a heads-up. It won’t. It is just too clunky, irregular, and slow. That is why people still prefer a car. (As do I when a bike ride is not possible.)

Taking that many cars off the road will result in a quicker, safer commute to practically anyone, and of course, biking contributes to a healthier population.

Many European countries are seeing yearly ebike growth in the 30% to 40% range, compared to the low single-digit growth of car sales. That means e-bike sales could easily overtake car sales later this decade in Europe.

120 million bikes were sold world-wide last year.

Twelve months ago I submitted a proposal to TM about an idea I had, and for which I met with ministerial official secretaries. Alas, nothing came out if it.

Make no mistake though. It is a golden age for ebikes and micro-transport vehicles, and the movement will gather pace, strength, energy, and finally, logical acceptance. This is the way.

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