A journey of recovery.

Six am. Still blurry eyed, wiping the blood off my finger. The five seconds seem like hours.

The little unit beeps and I look at the readout in utter surprise and satisfaction.


5.5!!! I do a little jig of happiness around the kitchen table. Our cats and bunny look on uncomprehendingly.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is five-five.jpg
I have waited for many weeks to see this number!

A three month battle has ended to bring back my sugar levels down to normal after an unexpectedly high reading in early May.

I’m not going through the whole story as it is a convoluted mess of bad starts, fit and misrepresentation.

Be that as it may, a simple urine test showed that while everything seemed ok, my glucose levels were marked as over 50. I was pretty sure it was an error, but a subsequent test revealed the same high glucose levels.

A simple ear-blood test was done and it revealed I was at 18mmo/l (normal is 5.5). Absolutely way too high.

The following day I had a full blood test with fasting, and it was confirmed that my blood glucose was extraordinarily high.

This would go a long way towards explaining the incredible thirst I was suffering during the nights.

The doctor was adamant. “No carbs at all. No bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, beer and wine. Too much sugar in them. Welcome to diabetes.”

I stared him aghast.

“What am I going to eat?” I asked “especially breakfast.”

It seems that anything goes, except carbs. So started a strange sort-of-keto diet.

The weight slid off me like water from a duck’s back. Since the end of November, when the thirst and initial sugar spike began, I have lost now a total of 25 kilograms. Unbelievable.

That journey has started out well as not only has the weight gone off, but also the sugar has been brought down to normal levels.

I have increased exercise,although with this summer heat it is absolutely madness to get out of air conditioned comfort.

This journey cannot here and now. This is a lifestyle change and lucky enough to survive this spike.

I must continue.

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