Third Quarantine done and dusted!

Phew! finally glad that THAT’S over. Once again, locked in because of some dumb anti-vaxxer. Please spare me your grumbling!

This is a point where the greater good of the many outweigh those of the dumb.

Anyway, after twelve days, I was raring to go, and since just before lock-up I bought a new bike (what’s new?) I thought it would be a great idea to wake up early and sample its delights.

May be an image of Chris Grillo and beard
Back at the garage, wasted by the heat!

As usually happens on a Saturday, one just lingers a little bit more in bed and lets his thoughts wander freely before getting up!

And yes, I overslept. My six am bike ride started at nine, when really, it was already too hot.

I wasn’t about to lose the opportunity though, so I shouldered my new Fuji, went down the stairs and rode off. Sadly it did not take me too long to pull up. The gear ratios on this machine are simply too steep.

My gorgeous single-gear Fuji Declaration!

So I returned to the garage, and swapped the rear Vera Corsa wheel (single speed 17T sprocket), to an old, old Raleigh Europa 10 speed. I just hooked the chain to the next highest cog on the wheel, a 24, and it was just perfect.

Yeah yeah, I remembered to fill the correct water bottle, charge my phone and slip a few euros into my pocket.

Took the road down to Santa Lucia, then offroad to Gudja, where I then returned via the newly dug up new road (this country is massively dumb!) up the new Santa Lucia bypass, and then back home. Not too much, I doubt I did 10kilometres, but seeing that it is a new bike, coming back from twelve days of incativity, and where I was last year, this is nothing short of a miracle.

No photo description available.
Short ride today. Just too hot!

2 thoughts on “Third Quarantine done and dusted!

    • That’s excellent man… really happy for you. I never thought it would happen to me, but since the end of November, that’s over 50lbs gone!

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