Quarantined again…

Well, it’s becoming a habit for us. We’re under quarantine orders again.

Damned Turkish anti-vaxxer idiot! Colleague of my daughter’s tested positive for Covid, despite her insistence on Covid being just a myth. Huw dumb can people be?

So yeah, you get the phone call at work from Covid Tracing to go home immediately.

On our fifth day now, and as I look at my brand new bicycle in the corner at home, I am absolutely livid that we still have another seven days to go.

All of us are vaccinated and the chances of contracting the virus is very limited. But still, we have to obey the rules. Because that is what people should do.

Not like that animal mob protesting in Valletta against rules and regulations. I wonder how many of those dumbasses will eventually contract covid and admit they were wrong.

Thankfully I can still remote work, but losing our free time is vital.

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