WHY are idiots comparing wages?

I have tried to shut my trap about this, but keeping this to myself would be untrue of me.

WHO THE FUCK compares the wages of a Nurse, Technician, Mechanic, Welder, to that of a footballer, race driver, musician?

It is TOTAL IDIOCY, and people posting these memes should be sterilized, spayed, whatever.

One cannot compare a necessity to entertainment. It makes no sense. Not only is the nurse paid by our wages (in taxes), but living without nurses is absolutely impossible.

Now before people start jumping on me, let me remind you that you are under no obligation to watch Ronaldo, or Messi, or Kevin De Bruyne.

YOU DO HAVE, HOWEVER, AN OBLIGATION TO PAY TAXES. So yeah, let’s put our valuable nurses on the same wage packet of CR7, LM10 or KDB… let’s calculate that for a bit… ok, your taxes will be 50% instead of 15%. Who would want that?

NOBODY, that’s who.

I TOO keep a company afloat with my IT Support, but I would not imagine going to ask for those wages.

AND football, sports, music, keeps whole communities alive. Who has suffered with this lockdown? It’s the Chippy near Roots Hall in Southend, the Spread Eagle inn, the Horns and Boar pub in the same area… the cleaners, groundsmen, the train companies, southend Airport, vast numbers of other fringe earners … and this is all for a small club. Now imagine for large clubs. And we are forgetting the social aspect of week to week workers who look to football for an escape in a busy schedule. To relax, to meet up with friends in a bar.

Yes, both are worth their money. Yes, entertainers earn more than they should, but comparing the two is simply idiotic.

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