Ranking the Nightwish albums.

So once again, the new Nightwish album has leaked.

Since I am waiting (like an excited puppy) for the CDs to drop into my letter box, I had no problem in downloading the album and giving it a spin…or two … or a hundred.


Anyway, Human Nature is finally here. The two singles already released ‘Noise’ and ‘Harvest’ gave an impression that it would be another great offering.

On first listen my thoughts were honestly “Five years waiting for this? There is no standout track, no oomph… a feeling of emptiness and lost hope.”

It is however a very progressive album, and with all prog metal, many spinnings are required before the music starts to gel and make sense. And it is doing just that admirably.

(EDIT: Listening to the opera section in Shoemaker brings me out in tears every time. Impossibly, unbearably, beautiful.)

Ranking albums is very difficult since it is very subjective to taste, and also, of course, period. Listening to Angels Fall First and Oceanborn is a real chore. They come across as so dated. Usually bands have an opus opening, not so with Nightwish. Still great albums, but so distant in fare. Of course, Nightwish have evolved and that is a good thing. Each offering is distinctive and just like welcoming a new friend. There are NO bad albums here, rather, each offering difference and innovation.

I have tried listing them in a semblance of order, but realize now that they are just how I like to listen to them. Each album has been rated and the best racks listed.

If you want to listen to just ONE track from Nightwish for all eternity, it would be the incredibly beautiful orchestra-laden Ghost Love Score.

Here are the albums and what I think of them, as well as standout tracks.

Once 9.6 – Dark Chest of Wonders / Wish I had an Angel / Nemo / Ghost Love Score

Century Child 9.5 – End of all hope / Dead to the world / Everdream / Slaying the Dreamer

Imaginaerum 9.4 – Storytime / I want my tears back / Last ride of the day / Song of Myself

Endless Forms Most Beautiful 9.3 – Shudder before the beautiful / Elan / Alpenglow / The Greatest Show on Earth

Dark Passion Play 9.1 – The Poet and the Pendulum / Amaranth / For the heart I once had / Last of the wilds

Human Nature 8.5 – Music / Harvest / Shoemaker / Tribal

Wishmaster 8.4 – The Kinslayer / Come cover me / Wishmaster / Deep Silent Complete

OceanBorn 8.3 – Stargazers / Swanheart / Moondance / Walking in the air

Angels Fall First 7.5 – Elvenpath / Beauty and the Beast / Angels fall first / The Carpenter

Peace and Metal.\m/

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