Sweating like pigs…

It’s July again. The devil’s month. Lucifer rising.

Just a look outside the window, and I can see cars baking in the vicinity. Heat waves dancing their way off exposed roofs and hoods.

Yep. It’s the hell that passes as summer in Malta. Sure, the sun is great…when you’re a tourist. Or well off enough to own a little cruiser or on your summer holidays.

But grinding through early May to late September while working, especially if you’re on the road, it is a terrifically hard life. Pretty much like when I travel to some snowy destination in Europe.

Try saying ”Ohh, it’s great”, to some Geordie up in Newcastle, and he’ll be having your head off.

It’s the third heat-wave in the last eight weeks, with a feels-like 42 degree temperature in the shade.

I honestly cannot understand why people like it. I mean, it’s not like we have bad winters. It does get a little chilly, obviously, but nowhere near enough compared to the hardships of summer.

Then of course, there are the little animals we need to take care of. Leave bowls of water outside for strays…

Of course, wear protective clothing because it is scalding.

That’s all. Just needed to get that off my chest.

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