Done and dusted. 4-0!


So, it’s another win for Juventus in another cup final. This is the fourth year running that a double has been made. League AND Cup… no easy task.

A stunning 4-0 thrashing of AC Milan in Rome confirmed that really, nobody can touch the ‘Bianconeri’… not only player-wise, but also for the organisation, and of course mentality.

Once you are at Juventus, the main objective, or ‘credo’ if you will, is to win.

Their mottos FINO ALLA FINE (Until the very end), and of course the famous ‘Alla Juve Vincere Non E’ Importante E’ L’Unica Cosa Che Conta.’ (At Juventus, winning is not important, it’s the only thing that counts.) explains everything.

This is stamped on every Juve shirt, on the back of the neck. Victory. At all cost!

So , one might ask… ‘Doesn’t it get boring winning year after year?’.

To which I reply… ‘It isn’t our fault if the other teams have no game plan, no long term ambition. Everybody wants to win now, and do it in style. It simply is not on. Football squads, much like any money making organisation, needs to have long term planning. Buying a cartload of players will not make any difference until these players gel and form a team… which is what it’s all about.’

A few months after a player joins Juventus, he is asked about the difference to other teams. Here are some replies.

Miralem Pjanic : ‘I never knew such a mentality and such an organisation even existed. At Roma this was unheard of.’

Douglas Costa : ‘We had motivation at Bayern Munich, but not even close to this. I feel reborn at this club’

Zinedine Zidane : ‘The training is brutal. An ex-marine leading the physicals? I used to throw up every day, due to exhaustion.’

Motivation. This should be our guideline in life. In our every endeavour. And with that, I will leave to take a couple of aspirin as I am still seriously hung-over from the celebrations. At 53, I shouldn’t go to bed at 2am.


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