Retro Gaming CH1.

Everyone knows of my love for retro gaming.

It’s not only playing games which HAD to be really fine-tuned to atone for blocky graphics and bad (or sometimes no) sound… it’s about that nostalgia of being able to recall your dad coming home with a big box under his arm as you scream your head off..

So, for the past years I have been delving even more into such a revival, even writing software myself. In some competitions I have done well, finishing top ten, while in others, the fighting was perhaps a bit fiercer… Never have I been happier than when I recreated Killer Watt for the C64 on a modern computer with the EXACT levels, enemies, power-ups and movement. This got me into 48th place out of 5000 entries, and an honorable mention.

Lately it has been about re-creating a single machine to be able load the emulators I have gathered from all around. It is a hassle to think WHAT machine is to be used… At first (and even now) I was geared towards using a raspberry pi which is, indeed, such a versatile machine…

It has been also burning in my mind to use a windows motherboard… This MUST fit in a C64, or a TI-99/4a case… The C64 it is. I have been writing the front end for the emulator, which will run under windows, but I MUST find a motherboard which FITS in the 64…


Definitely no easy task.  A netbook and an old touch screen xp system have been tried, but they are both hopelessly underpowered… I HAVE to have access to all the packages outlined in the image. After coming up with the marquee (above), I set out to program the files for the package…not easy… some are closed systems which will make it impossible to hack, while others are totally customisable.

As can be imagined, the room I work in is a mess as I have to create so much electronics to manage a ‘marriage’ of old hardware (namely, keyboard!) to new usb systems…

I’ll have to take out my trusty arduino once again…

Sure, one can simply download a ready image for the PI, and buy ready made hardware… but where’s the fun in that?

But now… I am dead on my feet…

Live long and prosper.

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