My iPad PRO is finally here.

Some time ago, while trawling through the multitude of YouTube videos I voraciously wolf down with regular abandon, I came across many bloggers, or tubers, who kept asking the same question over and over again.

“Can the new iPad pro replace a notebook?”

I can answer that question truthfully with no qualms at all. Of course you could. What does one really do with a notebook anyway? Unless it is a powerful one, the answer is… not much really. Cheap notebooks tend to stutter and dance their way painfully across websites, and unless fitted with a solid state drive, they are pretty much unusable with windows 10.

Some four of five months ago I sold my Dell Latitude notebook for a pittance, and have leaned even heavier on my iPad Air. Not only do I use it for media consumption, but also for blogging, writing articles, stories, and even taking notes during meetings.

It is funny to see people closing their notebook lids after a couple of hours while I keep plugging away on my ipad.

Recently though a new macine has caught my eye. Coupled with the fact that my daughter needed a tablet for university, I decided to go for the new ipad pro in its 10.5 inch form factor, and pass on the Air to my daughter.

What can I say? It is absolutely gorgeous! The screen display, a 120hz ProMotion unit, is simply superb…It is difficult to describe the fluidity of something whizzing along at 120 frames per second. I need not mention that the screen has also been endowed with true-tone capability and the effect is simply stunning, Add 4 speakers which would not sound out of sorts in a decent hifi, the fastest processor EVER in a tablet (faster than some i7 Intel CPUs!), and you have a pretty powerful machine.

It wasn’t cheap, but when one sees how much these give back in years (as compared to some competitor tablets), it actually works out at a very decent price.

Android owners might mock and laugh at calling Apple owners sheep, but the fact remains that without innovation from the guys at Cupertino, we would still be in the age of the flip-phones.

This was written completely on the iPad itself… much like the majority of these posts actually…

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