No parties thank you!

So, our 25th wedding anniversary has come and gone. And frankly, I feel happy that it is over and done with. Lately I have become very skeptical of celebrations and parties and similar shit. To say that I have a phobia for them is an understatement.

I have, for the most part, become an ‘honorary hermit’… or rather, a quieter person.

Perhaps it is the maturity leap we all go through, or perhaps I have lived the last few years in comparative panic that has led me to seek the peace and quieter places for the majority of the cases.

My in-laws had been pestering me for some time to re-bless the rings, hold a commemorative mass to renew our vows and hold a party.

I do not know where my wedding ring has gone (probably exchanged with a hard-disk), and as for holding a mass, I have renounced my religion, and I no longer care at all. I made my vow once, there is no hope of reneging on it. When I promise something, it is a promise I keep forever.

Moreover, lately, both with my illness and later on, my wife’s (far more unsettling), I have become a bit skittish at hearing the word ‘Party’. I hate them, and I hate attending parties, weddings and other stuff like that.

For too many years I have attended these shindigs purely out of respect, but in reality, these days, I do not care what others think of me.

So for our anniversary, we shunned everything and spent a most wonderful day on the beach, just my wife and I, with a few mojitos, a couple of beers, and a nice meal at a sea-front restaurant.

We spent the day in peace, just talking between us, snapping a few pics, and generally chilling out.

That cannot be beaten.

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