The art of the steal…

Recently I had the good fortune of finding an iPad air for sale at a paltry price of 250 Euros. I contacted the guy, and two Sundays back, around 7am, was toodling along to Birkirkara to view the item, with my elder daughter Rachel tagging along. (She cannot resist technology, especially when it comes to Apple products. “You’ve spoiled me!” is her favourite quote.)

So, after a quick exchange of brand new cash, the iPad, still under warranty, and in excellent nick, was mine.

Arriving home and synchronising the device took but a few minutes, and with that, my trusty original iPad was consigned to the electronics jungle present in our house. (A comparison between the ipad and ipad5 will follow in a few days).

I offered it to my younger daughter who refused on the grounds that it was too old, and indeed, way too large. She instead took fancy to an Asus Nexus 7 inch tablet, conveniently provided by a friend after a repair barter. (I haven’t seen the Nexus again, since invariably, Roxy has slapped a password on it).

So I call a mate of mine and inform him of the good news, at which point he yells ‘Stop the synchronising! Quickly!’

Suitably taken back, I ask him why…

The answer? ‘You won’t be able to jailbreak it if you upgrade to the newest OS!’….

(Jailbreaking is the art of going round a phone’s system to unlock it… Cracking and Rooting are other examples, used in PCs and Android operating systems… Once cracked, apps can be downloaded and side-loaded. It is perfectly legal to JB or Root your devices, quite illegal to install illegally obtained software).

I replied that I did not really want to Jailbreak my ipad. Of course, my mate on the other side of the phone replied that I was, indeed, batty. Mad. A crank.

‘How could you NOT want free stuff on your device?’ was his final call…

Why would I want software that I did not pay for? True, with an iPad you get all you actually need for free… Great Office software, video creation, photography manipulation and music creating software for free. But there over a million free apps, and another million that rarely cost more than a beer.

Unhappily (and this is the whole point of this post), as a general consensus we take these things for granted. Wedownload music, programs, videos, books…or watch satellite TV for free. This is, to all intents and purposes, stealing… Much as one would steal a handbag, or a pie…

It does not matter if the apps cost 75c (which the majority cost!), there is still the thrill, the challenge, the attitude…

And while it is easier to download pirated stuff, in the long run, we are hurting nobody but ourselves.

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