Black ‘n White

I have been struggling with my feelings these last few weeks on whether to put pen to paper (so to speak), and let this post loose on my blog.

However, stuck inexorably behind a waste pick-up truck, watching the black workers scurry around like worker ants, I simply had to do it. I am not apologizing for the word black. I’m white, pasty white….. a friend of mine is burnt a crisp brown, another is yellow… and after all, black is my favourite colour… I hate all this political correctness shit.

So yeah, it started me thinking again… Not too long ago, following another landing (or rescuing) of illegal immigrants on our beleaguered island, a Facebook page was set up… ‘Daqshekk ghall-immigrazzjoni llegali’… loosely translated, it means ‘Enough with illegal immigration’. As a person who thrives on fairness and clarity, I have to give the founders of this page a lot of credit. After all, our tiny island, a few square miles in area and smaller than many American farms, simply cannot handle the weight of these new arrivals.

However this page has something sinister that is disturbing me. In it we are seeing the selfishness and pure bestiality of the Maltese population. While the page’s creators were probably righteous in their message, the typical Maltese guy or girl isn’t…. it is nothing but a spew of bigotry and hate…and this is coming from a country that specifies itself as being catholic/christian… whatever the hell that means these days.

I wonder if the comments would be the same if the boatloads of immigrants were buxom blonde babes, or a bevy of handsome Brad Pitt look-alikes…

I am all in favour of legality to the point of pain. People coming here MUST have papers and passports. Their arrival MUST have had approval and veto. Unhappily, and here we must call a spade a spade, we are being overrun by the lowest common denomination in the gene pool from Syria, Libya, Somalia and Eritrea who are haphazardly escaping their war-torn countries….

But besides this point (and the fact the little, if any, even want to integrate into our society), one has to realise something that to me would be akin to calling Scotty and telling him to ‘Beam me up’ to another planet.

The immigrants come here practically with nothing except the clothes on their back.

I cannot even imagine being somewhere without my iphone, or my ipad, and yet here they are, but for the grace of whatever god they follow… dispirited and destitute, thankful only that they have survived the voyage over concrete jungles, the treacherous dunes of the Sahara, and the deceitfully placid waters of the Mediterranean. The average crossing costs them seven-hundred Euros, most likely their complete lifelong savings.

These people come here with nothing!

…and despite my misgivings and the knowledge that we are burdened to the point of snapping, one simply but cannot feel sorry for their trials and tribulations.

1 thought on “Black ‘n White

  1. Well done Chris , keep these debates going . Very few friends that I know have made a thorough self examination of what they truly think of the crisis that is akin to a tide we never had in the Med sea .
    I am worried to say the least , worried that the past and current administrations here in Malta never had and don’t have a frame work that is able to truly document and verify the following very serious issues when screening the influx of Africans ( the whole continent is in turmoil , and these countries are loosing a battle against regress, so yes , Africans)
    1 Who are you
    2 where are you from
    3 Why are you running away from your country
    NOW the really serious issues
    4 What are you , good or evil , have you ever been involved in war , attacking villages , killing innocent people , beheading , kidnapping , raping of children and women , violent torture of others and of animals too …. the list is endless .
    5 Do you uphold our charter of human rights
    6 Are you a carrier of a serious contagion or virus
    7 Are you part of a dormant fundamentalist cell
    8 Will you ever fall prey to the pressures from overseas to form part of a fundamentalist group

    Answers please

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