Programmed TV has to die out!

It was while relaxing a bit in the evening, watching some of my favourite TV shows, that I thought.. Programmed TV has to die out… it has to die. And this death WILL happen for a lot of reasons. It is just a matter of time.

Perhaps it will not happen to the mediocre local tv channels that spurn out nothing but junk. In a country where the three main channels spew out bad journalism and different news meanings, one can hardly be excused for having crap programming. Unfortunately, we have not caught on to the ‘digital era’ yet, and over 99% of the local programs are unreachable unless you have watched them live.

But apart from the local unappetizing fare… What is really killing Programmed TV?

Is it the internet, with illegal copies of movies and TV-Series? Is it the illegal recording of movies rented from online or cement stores? Or is it something else…

I think it is something else… something that is supposed to keep TV studios alive, but in fact, strangling their very livelihood.

I don’t know if you have guessed it by now, but picture this scenario…

8.30pm… Fast n’ Loud comes on… (I sigh in anticipation)
8.38pm… First advert rolls on… buy this, buy that, do this, do that.
8.45pm… 7 agonizing minutes later, the adverts end.
8.45pm… Second part of the programme starts…
8.53… Second wave of adverts gets under way
9.00pm…Adverts end…another 7 minutes

OK… stop there… It is 9pm, and since 8.30 we have watched exactly 30minutes of TV… 14 minutes of which have been taken up by adverts for crap that I do not want or need.

At that point I have grown so frustrated that I simply head over to a torrent site on the net, note which episode was being aired, and download it onto my pendrive…

What the hell, download the rest of the series while I am at it… stick the drive into my xbox, and there, instant tv with no ads.

Meanwhile, the wife is grumbling that on Maltese Television, a series she is following shows 5 minutes of the drama, and ten minutes of adverts.

These damn adverts, and advertising in general, are taking over everything! You open a webpage, and you’re swamped, your email is full of get-rich quick schemes, or enlarging your penis, tightening your tits, or your abs.

The roads are chock-full of billboards and bright blaring screens that give your retina a shock, flyers everywhere on your windscreen…

And of course, your letterbox is full of the damn junk mail…

You can safely ignore all those (except the bright LED boards), but not with TV…

How many people really buy whatever that advert is showing? Most probably, many, like me, get up and brew a cup of tea, or have a pee… hell watching Maltese TV you’ll have time for a shit, shave, shower and shag!

So yes, I think adverts are killing programmed TV.

For me it is easier to just download episodes of my favourite series the day after they have been shown.

And these days, it is no longer required to download, you just watch them on-line…

Perhaps the TV stations need somebody who gives them a wake-up call.

The worst thing of all is that even when you buy Blu-Ray or DVD movies, they are STILL full of that crap.

My usual readers may not agree with me, but I don’t really care. Because we are already seeing the younger generation, the internet-savvy people, already doing what I am advocating. What with all these Android TV-boxes, Apple TV or Raspberry PI, the revolution is ripe.


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