As I sit at my desk here at home, re-stringing my guitar and humming an old song playing on my (very battered) iPod, I am amazed once again how much music has shaped the way I live and how much it has come to mean to me.

Ever since I was a teeny-weeny tot in my pushchair, music has always been there, just bubbling below the surface of my consciousness, played on the ‘magic-eye stereo’ that my parents owned.

The bands I later on ‘adopted’ as my own, and listened to, have always been there for me ‘psychologically’ , and are probably, one of the only constants in my life on which I could relate to all the time. I happily refer to them as the ‘soundtrack’ to my life.

Many years have passed since the purchase of my very first album, a Deep Purple compilation, something I still recall with extreme satisfaction and thankfulness  Where would I be, or rather, what would I be listening to if it were not for that fateful day around 1974 in Portsmouth and for my late father who gave me the 50p required to own a piece of history?

The many vinyl albums were later re-purchased as tapes for my car, and these, in turn gave way to CDs, which then were transformed themselves into digital music… easy to carry around… I miss the large album covers though.

Turning to look at my CD collection, hundreds of CDs, I am still amazed how this powerful rhythm of music has still got a tenacious grip on me. It is, truly, a wondrous and eclectic collection of music, ranging from Classic Rock, to Power Metal via Operatic, Thrash, Heavy, Progressive, and many others… but always Rock-based.

I wonder how much money I have spent on these albums. Thousands, probably, but I realize with a smile that the journey has been well worth the cost…