A weekend just made for working!

The weekend is upon us, and with a surprise I notice that it is a public holiday tomorrow. I cannot for the life of me imagine what it was that we were celebrating, since invariably this whole wide world is made of one religious nutter after the other, and there seems to be a religious holiday for every day of the year… yeah right!

Anyhoo, where was I ? Oh yeah… it’s a holiday tomorrow, and in this backward country of ours, it means that the major outlets will be closed. Thankfully it will give me some time to start working on my bicycle refurbishment. I have this really old Raleigh Chiltern that I have used to death, and now seems at a prime time to be restored.

Last year I started work on it, but invariably left things by the wayside. Now I have promised myself to finish what I have started. Tonight I will pick the bike up from the garage, and dismantle it… probably won’t take me more than ten minutes to strip it down.

I will be replacing the bottom bracket, handlebars, brake pads,and alsu, unhappily, the rear wheel configuration… I think I will convert the Raleigh to a fixie… a single-speed town bike. And then I am thinking about fitting an electric motor to the front wheel for powered-assistance.

This will turn my humble bike into year-round usage.

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